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About ten years ago with a light feed Blizzard saw the light of the game Diablo. Read more at Without further ado, Diablo was ranked RPG, although in fact the appearance of this game marked the opening of a new subgenre – action / RPG: the complex role system of the hero in the colorful isometric packaging replaced the complex system of characteristics and skills of the hero. recipe hack’n’slash.Despite the simplicity (and perhaps because of it), Diablo quickly became the darling of the players, and his sequel, Diablo 2, is played with pleasure to this day. What is interesting, many have tried to repeat the success of Diablo, but so far no one has succeeded. I think the reason is that during cloning, each developer tried to dilute the unicellular Diablo recipe with his “ingenious” innovations, while all that needed to be done, – simply copy the creation of Blizzard, spitting on innovations and experiments. It seems that this simple truth has finally reached the understanding of the followers.Another clone, which is about to appear on the shelves, it is quite possible it would be called Diablo 3, if it were not for one problem: the game is being developed not by Blizzard, but by the German office of Ascaron, and is called the Sacred project.

2D New Life

In order not to lose face, any game clone must be at least several times better than the original from the technical point of view, and first of all it concerns graphics. In this regard, it is encouraging that the German developers with full responsibility approached the visual part of Sacred. Fairly deciding that creating jump An able 3D-engine will take a lot of manpower and resources, and the benefits will come from the very doubtful, the guys from Ascaron used a compromise scheme – two-dimensional backgrounds on which three-dimensional characters roam. The scheme, to be honest, is far from new, but it looks very, very good, as can be seen on your own by installing the demo version or simply admiring the screenshots. Plus, the Ascaron engine has its own zest, three fixed zoom levels. But the main thing is not even the technical side, but the professional work of artists and animators.

The game world of Sacred is huge and diverse, the graphic effects when using spells look natural and beautiful, the animation of the characters, made using motion capture, caresses the eye with its smoothness and ease. It is also pleasant to note that literally everything is visualized – different types of armor, weapons, wearable items, and so on. Whatever you wear (or vice versa – removed), everything will be honestly displayed on the screen. In general, Sacred, in my opinion, is another proof that it is still too early to throw the good old two-dimensional graphics into the dustbin of history, with proper use it looks quite appropriate and pretty.

Sacred game world itself is a kingdom Ankara is not only beautiful, but also huge (sixteen main zones and many different cities), with about a third of the game universe available for research at the very beginning of the game. The world is so big that the realization of riding in the game is not at all a luxury and not a nice feature, but a harsh necessity. Horses in the game are different. Ordinary horses can be bought / sold in almost every city, whereas more rare (read – fast) horses it is much more difficult to find, and not every character can cope with such a horse; therefore, if there is a desire to travel by horseback, it is necessary to develop the skill of riding. By the way, on horseback you can not only travel, but also fight, and visually it is realized just as well as ordinary foot fights. Also in the game there are portals, without which the exploration of the world would be a very tedious task. Such things as the dynamic change of weather, day and night, as well as the autonomous life of the NPC, as in “Gothic”, also, fortunately, have not been forgotten – all of this has already been implemented to the delight of role-playing game fans who appreciate challenging, lively and believable worlds. In addition to open locations, the Sacred universe is also rich in secret zones, so that surprises will await players not only during the first passage.

Death to mice!

The game zoo consists of 300 different NPCs and monsters, including ogres, orcs, spiders and classic RPG dragons. Arsenal and “wardrobe” in its range, of course, in no way inferior to the variety of monsters. In addition to the usual swords, axes, maces, halberds, bows, crossbows, there are several unique types of weapons, such as hand-made blades of a dark elf. Moreover, almost all weapons and armor can be upgraded from a blacksmith, and some items can be improved by finding and attaching to them the desired magic stone or rune. There are in the game and certain restrictions on carrying weapons and armor for various classes and races – for each “nationality” in Sacred has its own unique sets of clothing and special weapons. Part of the equipment, in addition, has limitations on the minimum characteristics and character skills. In short, those who in their childhood did not play enough of dressing and undressing dolls are given another chance.

As in Diablo, attacks are divided into physical and magic, among which are such powerful spells of mass destruction as meteor shower. However, special surprises from the combat system Sacred should not be expected, on the contrary – all this is close and familiar to any fan of role-playing games. But without innovations, it was not done: now for each character you can create your own combo series, which can include any type of physical attack, spells, or the use of special items. And such a combo, being tied to a hot key, is not only a way to “unload” a mouse smoking from the effort (have you not forgotten yet that this is hack’n’slash?), but also a more lethal weapon than each of the components separately . In other words, a fireball-clumsy combo is cooler than simply hitting the head with an ax, “polished” for reliability with a fireball. As you would expect, such combos are not made for free, but for money – you need to hire a master who can teach you similar combat skills.

The role system Sacred still went ahead from the unicellular level of Diablo, but, fortunately, not so far as to reach the academic ingenuity and entanglement of Neverwinter Nights. You probably shouldn’t retell in details the features of heroes’ pumping and points distribution system – you will fully enjoy all this after the game is released; I can only say that the development levels of the hero are many, and the potential for character growth, and accordingly Sacred magnetism, is very high.

The control and interface in the game almost one-on-one copy the workings of Diablo and Divine Divinity – we move by the left click, by pressing the left button on the enemies we attack, and the right button activates combos and special attacks that can be placed in special slots at the bottom of the screen. Simple, familiar and convenient.

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