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In the modern world with the release of new cool and not very games, people often forget about the projects of the gaming industry, on which they grew up, or simply do not even know about them because of their young age, well, or the banal lack of information about these games in those days, when they came out (let’s be honest, before the Internet was not at all, they played in what was on the disks with us and with our friends). Most recently, I recalled the games I once played with great pleasure, having experienced this intoxicating feeling of nostalgia. In part, this was contributed by my own, far from being the most powerful computer 🙂 In the hope that someone will be able to drop a tear of joy from memories, or, if someone is not familiar with these games, I have compiled this list of games about which many forgot.

IMPORTANT! This is by no means a top rated! The games listed below, I wrote here based on personal preference, in alphabetical order. It is likely that there are games that I did not include in this list, and they should definitely be here. Well, then there are projects that have been forgotten even more 🙂 I would be happy to read about them in the comments. I hope that for someone this TOP will be useful. Enjoy reading!

1. 4×4 Evolutión 2

The off-road arcade races that were published back in 2001 had a number of features. The racing mode itself was of little interest to me in the game since it seemed very difficult at that time. But the mode, because of which I will enjoy playing this game today, is a single rescue mission or search for people, artefacts, fallen planes and so on. Our SUV appeared on a huge map full of mountains, rivers, impassable swamps, trees and rocks. To help, we had a map of the task, which indicated the end point, but it was difficult to navigate this map, and it is not always clear where you are. A great pleasure was delivered by a simple study of the location because in addition to the main task marked on the map, there were hidden objects on the ground, for which we were given bonus money. Speaking of money, they could be spent on pumping your SUV, or to buy a new one. Arcade physics then few people worried, so 4×4 Evo2 remained in memory as an excellent game in the offroad genre.

2. Age of Mythology: The Titans

Excellent real-time strategy in the style of ancient Greek, Egyptian and Scandinavian myths. An interesting story company allowed to participate in the capture of Troy (the original part of the game), as well as in a number of other battles. Addition The Titans added to the game the race of Atlantes with their units and buildings, as well as each race was added a super-unit, in the form of the titanium itself. The game made it possible to see creatures from various myths, conduct battles with the warring parties, use various bonuses from the gods that were worshipped, build high walls to protect their camps, build siege weapons and set down two titans among themselves. Although it was much more interesting to observe how the very same Titans smashed enemy camps and combat units into the dust. In essence, it was Age of Empires,

3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This Dice creation is not completely forgotten. I included it in this list, because I did not know about the plot part of this game. All my life I thought that the battle was a network shooter, and the single mode in it began to appear from 3 parts as an introduction to the features of the game. How wrong I was when I launched Bad Company 2 and started playing in single-player mode. Interesting story, great setting, and smart physics of destruction. Here the fact is that I really love movies and games in the style of World War 2, modern wars, or the Vietnam War. And when I beat all of Call of Duty, Wolfenstein (old with a bunch of mods) started looking for what else to play. But I didn’t pay attention to Battlefield because of the errors described above. As it turned out, nothing! If you have not played Bad Company 2 yet, I advise you to read it.

4. Clive Barker’s: Jericho

Cool, bloody FPS with elements of horror was perfectly played at one time. The brutality of this game was striking, and the imagination of graphic designers deserved respect. An interesting story about a cool team of psychics, fighting with all sorts of evil and devilry. I really liked the opportunity to play for each member of the team, from a cool tank with a machine gun on the edge to an elegant witch with a katana in her hands. A huge advantage is the same periodic change of situation, since the team moved through time in the game’s plot, and had to fight during the Second World War, or shoulder to shoulder with the Knights of the Knights Templar, along with soldiers of the Roman Empire, and it seems during Mesopotamia (but this not exactly). Excellent visual component (style, atmosphere, the graphics at that time) were made to admire this game and its creators (more precisely, by the artists). Unfortunately, at the moment the game is available for purchase on Steam, as far as I know, only in the USA. It is a pity that it is impossible to purchase it now for the collection.

5. Command & Conquer: Generals

My favourite RTS of all time! Excellent strategy in setting the struggle between the United States, China and the Terrorists, inspired, most likely, by a bunch of military conflicts in the Middle East. The uniqueness of each side made the game interesting and reversible. Unfortunately, I did not play the network mode, because at that time we had a local network for several quarters, and there we didn’t play anything except for the counter. However, in single-player mode, I enjoyed spending time watching all the plot features, although there were a few of them.In addition, you could always play with bots on your favourite map. Very pleased with the presence of special units on each side, with the help of which it was possible to come up with several tactics to achieve victory. The voice of each unit was damn cool, due to which each unit had its own “character”. “Step by step!”

6. Medal of Honor: Airborne

The game about brave paratroopers partly repeats the fate of Bab Company 2. I did not hear anything about it in time for its release, and therefore I missed an excellent game about the battles on the fields of World War 2.In general, I did not hear anything about Medal of Honor in the period between the release of the game on PS1, until the release of the game Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Airborne was a very interesting game, in terms of gameplay. It was not exactly a linear shooter, Tipo Call of Duty, but had a little leeway. Meaning that it was necessary to parachute on the territory of the operation, and clean it in any order. The location was completely open, limiting the player only by its size. A bunch of weapons, various rivals and interesting shooting mechanics left a pleasant memory of this game.

7. Sacred. (Prince of Darkness)

Oddly enough, the “father” of all Hack and Slash games – Diablo did not catch me. But the first part of Sacred, or as it was called then – the Prince of Darkness, for a long time dragged me into the study of the wonderful world of Ancaria. It was one of the first RPGs I played, and the presence of side quests would take me away from the main mission for a long time. Honestly, I still have never passed it to the end. Always for various reasons, and I already knew the initial quests almost by heart. A variety of characters helped constantly restart the passage. Most of all I liked one feature of this game: when a new armour was put on in the inventory, he immediately appeared on the character model in the game, which made it even more interesting (especially playing for Seraphim with her amazing wings). I liked the game so much that I even enjoyed playing with her java mobile version, although there she was so-so. But today I would love to go through the port on the phone if it was.

8. Tony Hawk Series

An excellent gaming franchise about extreme riding a skateboard is not remembered by many now. However, it is still, in my opinion, the best line of skateboard games. The ability to create your own unique punk added personality and fun to the game to the game. Performing complex tricks in some places were like memorizing the fatalities MK. Complete freedom of movement within the same location did not appear immediately in the game, but it was always possible to build your skate park and ride at your pleasure. Well, that funny inadequate, which was going on in some tasks, added to the game the atmosphere of punkness and the films “Kooks”. The plot in most games was not. The point was to complete a certain number of tasks in one location to open the next one, and so on. Special thanks to the developers wanted to add a chic soundtrack, supporting the general atmosphere of youth riot and madness. And of course, it’s hard to count the people who were inspired by this game to do real skateboarding. Perhaps the next evening I will open my gamepad and ride through the steep parks from Tony Hawk Underground 2.

9. Corsairs 3

Very saddened by the fact that about the Corsairs did not recall any of the developers. It is clear that the game was made by Russian creators in the west is poorly known, but still sad that so far no one has created a coherent game about pirates with the capabilities of the Corsairs. In this game, you could surf the Caribbean Sea on various ships that you could either buy or capture, could create whole fleets for trade or pirate attacks on KOROVA. In the third part, you could even pump your ship, increasing its strength, hold volume, speed and putting the monitor in the sails. Among other things, it was possible to capture cities and create their own state. If constant battles are not for you, then it was possible to earn piastres by usually trading or transporting people. The system of hiring a team, where, in addition to ordinary sailors, it was possible to hire officers and bodyguards to make the game even more interesting. After all, the characteristics of the officers influenced the parameters of the ship. And in addition to the “marine” component, the game could play the role of a land rat, performing the tasks of local people to find treasure somewhere in the jungle, and so on. The fourth Assassin partly filled in my thirst for pirate topics, but still, it was not that. Very spoiled the game its constant departures.

10. Blood Magic

A little-known game in the genre of hack and slash was released in 2005 from Russian developers. I learned about it completely by chance when a classmate shared a disk in which, besides the game I needed, there was also Blood Magic. I was pleasantly surprised that it was made in the style of my beloved Sacred, and without hesitation, I gave more time to Blood Magic than the game for which I took the disc. Of the features, there was a nice at that time graphics, an interesting system of pumping and magic in the game. So, if you have been doing magic for a long time, then over time your body mutated under its influence, and this gave you both positive and negative things. I remember the plot poorly, again it didn’t work out the game to the end because of the bug, but now I would love to remember the Blood Magic as soon as time appears. Anyone who is not familiar, but loves H & S, I advise you to try.

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