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The creative guys at Double Fine continue to unveil information about their next adventure game, claiming it will be an old-school title.
Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, the two creators of The Secret of Monkey Island at Double Fine, have already raised over two million dollars to fund the development of their next adventure and continue to insist that it will be an old-school horoscop adventure with a focus on 2D graphics.

In a recent question and answer session on the developer’s website Tim said that ‘one of the reasons I was excited to make a graphic adventure was to work with Nathan Stapley, an artist who has a very personal drawing style’. He is happy to ‘have great artists expressing themselves directly on the screen, and not through 3D shaders or any other complicated technology that might change or alter their vision. So I like the idea of having hand-painted backgrounds, which will be accompanied by traditionally animated 2D characters.

The aforementioned Nathan Stapley has been involved in almost every Double Fine project since Psychonauts, including BrĂ¼tal Legend and Costume Quest. He was also part of the development team behind Escape from Monkey Island, the fourth part of the series, the first in 3D and by far the worst rated of the series by its fans.

Following the idea of the traditional games Ron Gilbert said that ‘it should be all in 2D, following the old school style. I think it’s much more interesting than 3D. 3D helps the game a lot, but for an art title like this, where the emphasis is really on the artist’s art, I think the traditional style is more appropriate’.

Double Fine assures that this new graphic adventure will arrive throughout this year in versions for PC, Linux, Mac Os X, iOs and Android. They also promise that the title will arrive with all its texts translated into Spanish.

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