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Clive Barker’s Jericho was one of those few games that we didn’t see at E3. Frankly, it was a difficult decision – the choice was between Condemned 2 and, in fact, the new horror-shooter Clive Barker . So, taking this opportunity, we apologize to all connoisseurs of the terrible – we chose a visit to Monolith . At the same time, Jericho, as it turned out later, from communication with Western colleagues, turned out to be almost the main, after Resident Evil 5 , hope of interactive horrors. And if ” resident evil in Africa“(Yes, in Africa!) It will be completely unclear when, then Jericho is literally knocking with his clawed paw on the door – the release is scheduled for autumn. On this occasion, we collected all the data known about Clive Barker’s Jericho and came to the conclusion that, along with BioShock, this is the most courageous (and also a terrible!) Shooter on the horizon.

Jericho, but not that

Clive Barker is the most gifted, inventive and educated follower of GF. Lovecraft (see our curriculum vitae and a brief guide to the author’s work downstream) – once went out to people with a computer game. This game was Clive Barker’s Undying . But with Jericho, as the author himself claims, everything turned out completely differently. If he was invited to Undying more as a consultant and producer – to embellish an almost finished game, then the idea of ​​the new project is entirely owned by Barker himself. Developers, the Spaniards from Mercury Steam Entertainment , have been working for the second time in their lives under the authority of a distinguished author (to be fair, to note that to their previous game, American McGee Presents Scrapland, the name Americana McGee was screwed at the last moment solely for marketing reasons). “ In my imagination, there are ideas that I can only embody in the cinema, ideas that can only become books, and this thing should be a game, ” the writer explains, and then specifies that the topic raised by Jericho could still be the subject research in the next novel.

The plot of the application – a completely global scope and to the same theological sense. According to Barker, before Adam and Eve, God already had the unfortunate experience of creating homo sapiens: the result was so horrible that it was locked in a parallel dimension. Naturally, the product of doubtful divine experiments harbored a grievance and periodically tries to visit our world in order to avenge everyone and everything for its ruined fate. Another hellish “gypsy” with access to our dimension takes place in the ancient city. Initially, many journalists, looking at the name, reasoned that it was about the legendary Palestinian Jericho, once destroyed by Jewish tribes led by Joshua. Moreover, the words of Barker himself that “the city ​​is located somewhere in North Africa”, Were still in the official announcement of the project. So, dot the i – The Middle East is not North Africa, so forget about the virtual tour of the biblical places. The action of Clive Barker’s Jericho will unfold in our days in the African city of Al-Khali. And Jericho is the name of a special response squad, designed to stop another attempt by a divine experiment (which has long since become separated into an absolute evil) to return from forced emigration.

There is something about Jericho in the image of Al-Khali: the settlement is just as ancient and surrounded by massive walls in the same way. Once here, too, they killed and burned civilians, as well as the conquerors, and now they roam the ruins through the revived dead. “ Of course, I was thinking about Jericho. The bloody interweaving of history and horror are my two main passions , ”admits Barker. But the authors eventually decided, apparently, not to get involved with the biblical theme, placing the player in a fictional metropolis. This decision fenced them from possible attacks from the church and, moreover, untied their hands: Al-Khali, unlike the Palestinian city, did not end his existence in the pre-Christian era — he had seen in his age Roman conquests, crusades, and Nazi occupation

Traces of each time period are stored in the city memory. The ancient evil of her pretty refreshing, which leads to impressive results: the past and the future of the settlement lost in the African desert are mixed, and now behind each of the many city walls our valiant special forces are waiting for different eras and their not quite fresh representatives. Barker himself describes what is happening as follows: “ Here, as in a Russian nesting doll, the spaces are folded into each other. Inside each of them is a fragment of a certain time period . ”

To return Al-Khali to a normal state and stop the further spread of the infernal threat, we have to survive the battles with completely different opponents: the Nazis with machine guns at the ready, the crusaders in armor and swords, half-naked Roman centurions with spears … And what to expect from the foggy era the future, the visit to which is planned in the final, when special forces get to the center of Al-Khali, is still difficult to imagine. It is only known that the unfortunate special forces will abandon as much as the fourth millennium. In any case, behind each wall is its entourage and architecture. Plunging deeper into the dark past of the city, we will see the smoking ruins of the Nazi occupation, the Arab “megalopolis” of the Crusader era, a solid Roman settlement and mandatory futuristic landscapes.

Educated horror

Clive Barker (October 5, 1952), a native of Great Britain, graduated from the University of Liverpool, where he studied philosophy and English literature. At the same time, Barker immediately identified himself as a multi-artist – he began his career as a playwright, screenwriter, director and actor in the London theater troupe Dog Company. And already in 1985, he released the first collection of stories with the promising title Clive Barker’s Books of Blood (“The Book of Blood of Clive Barker “). At the same time he published his first great novel – ” Cursed game » ( of The Damnation the Game ), which identifies the central theme barkerova work – hell and falling to sinful souls.

Since then, Clive has written an impressive number of works and almost annually publishes a novel. But the program, so to speak, is his book The Heart of Hell ( The Hellbound Heart ), released in 1986. It became the basis of the famous film ” Hellraiser » ( Hellraiser ).

And, of course, movies. After Hellraiser, which Barker took off himself, critics instantly fired him into the virtuosos of the genre, recording alongside John Carpenter and George Romero . Since then, Barker wrote scripts for Candymen (1992), not very successfully launched another film brand (see Lord of Illusions , 1995) and shot the cult Night People (1990). And this is not a complete list.

In addition to literary and film achievements, Barker is also listed as a photographer, painter and sculptor. During their visit to Crytek , in the city of Frankfurt, our editors Anton Logvinov and Oleg Stavitsky found an installation by Barker called “Silver Boots” in the local museum of modern art (which is, you won’t believe, silver cowboy boots).

With games, Barker also has a rather long-standing friendship: the first electronic entertainment based on his work was the project Nightbreed released by Ocean . This is a game in the very popular in the early 90s genre of the Interactive Movie Game, that is, in fact, a movie where occasionally you had to click with the mouse. In 2001, the rather successful Clive Barker’s Undying came out , after which Barker was busy with Demonik – a third-person action game by Terminal Reality (see their Nocturne and BloodRayne ).

Parapsychology in the service of good

And now the fun part. Clive Barker’s Jericho is a team (!) Tactical (!) Shooter. And not at all the linear horror race as we imagined it. That is, Barker (or is it a Mercury Steam merit?) Is not only interested in a unique atmosphere, but also in gameplay breakthroughs. Jericho is conceived as a dynamic, bloody squad-based action based on the skillful use of the abilities of various fighters.

And the abilities of super-soldiers (seven of them altogether) are intriguing. So, there is a cute girl-sniper Black, who can move objects, set fire to them and even with the power of thought control the flight of a bullet: this allows effectively, at long distances, to get rid of annoying visitors. Some Jones is free to take control of enemies, a ninja woman Charch is able to throw decaying carcasses into the air, a large Spaniard Delgado burns everything in his path with a flamethrower installed in his hand, and a technician Cole repairs everything that can be repaired. Moreover, some Jericho fighters will be able to put into practice their knowledge in the field of exorcism, clairvoyance and even blood magic.

In different game situations we will need the skills of different special forces, or rather, their competent combination. All this opens up a wide, as you might guess, room for action. Periodically, you will have a choice – to rely, for example, on the brute force of the same Delgado, speed and flexibility, or the psychic frills Black. However, somewhere, on the contrary, the choice will be limited: the designers will leave us at the disposal of some specific fighters or one of them at all.

The commander of the detachment, Kapita Ross, whose role is entrusted to us, is responsible for switching between super-soldiers. Ross can manage subordinates in two ways. Firstly, as in many tactical shooters of recent years, to give the Alpha and Omega detachments (the six remaining fighters are equally divided between them) specific orders – to move, cover, fire to kill, etc. The second option is personally move into the body of a subordinate and take control of it.

Around the other features of the gameplay circulating annoying rumors. So, one of the local attractions of the game was to be the transformation of the city on the go: they say, within a few minutes the location of streets, walkways and even doors in buildings could change dramatically. The special forces in this case would have to run through the labyrinth, frantically searching for exits and cursing everything. Recently, however, something has not been heard about the dynamic change of scenery. The maze, however, will surely be.

“ Some of the characters encountered serve evil, others do not. So you have a choice , ”said Barker himself when announcing the game, but since then neither he nor the developers have specified what he means. It is known that the final game will depend on some of our decisions. But which ones? There were suggestions that the speech, in particular, is that peaceful NPC will join the ranks of Jericho instead of the dead special forces. However, at the moment the information is as follows: two of the magnificent seven practice the miracle of resurrection, after which the fallen comrades get up from the ground and run on to distribute slaps on the unclean dead body. If healers in the team die, the game immediately ends.

From other news: in addition to parapsychological capabilities and tactical control, Jericho also allows you to use two completely different tools for killing at the same time. For example, a pistol and a katana.

As always with Barker (except for the “ Candyman ”), he does not put on suspense, stress or psychological horrors. He puts on a wild, repulsive and phantasmagoric physiology. Only he could come up with istykannogo needles completely bald character ( ” Hellraiser “). Or a hero whose insides are teeming with living bees (“ Candyman”). Clive Barker’s Jericho is not far behind the terrible monsters: giant fat men hooked, centurions covered with pulsating biomass, spikes, chains, torn flesh – Barker paints hellish suffering with such frightening certainty that suspicion periodically creeps in, did he not look in one eye to hell? After viewing the surrounding screenshots, it seems that he looked. The only game that can today compare with Clive Barker’s Jericho in terms of phantasmagorical monsters is any part of Silent Hill .

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