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Ten years after the events of Age of Mythology, Castor (the son of Arcantos) decided to restore Atlantis, which tragically ended its existence as a result of well-known events. All ten years, the surviving Atlanteans wandered … in the Northern lands (do not even ask me how they got there), fighting for survival and with the harsh nature, and with no less harsh barbaric neighbours. And all ten years were unsuccessful searches for the way home …

But a certain Krios, posing as the Oracle (conductor of the Atlantes), suddenly got a vision that there was a way to return to warmer latitudes, and was not slow to inform Castor about this. At the same time, Krios constantly helped the Atlanteans, first throwing up weapons, visions, and then completely giving direct instructions to the hero’s son, having heard that, I personally would think on which side this strange oracle was, and what the gods are, on whose behalf he says.

But Kastor (we must not forget that the boy is only 24 years old, and at this age he is still doing a lot of stupid things), the idea to create a new Atlantis completely took hold, and he didn’t really think about it, declaring war to the perpetrators of her death – the Olympic gods. Again, at the instigation of the Cryos and its patrons – the forgotten gods of antiquity – the Titans …

As in the main game, in the story, you have to fight for both sides, because “the Soviet youth itself creates difficulties for itself, which it then courageously overcomes.” Moreover, the whole story is closely intertwined with events and characters a decade ago. But Chiron stayed in Tartarus, Odysseus never arrived from Ithaca, and Arcantos couldn’t help his son more than advice. And then, when almost everything was gone. So, Queen Amanra (yes, the little lady was noticed at home and rewarded), Napara and Achilles are forced to save the boy themselves …

New race and new heroes

The hero (real) in the game is one, so let’s start with him. Castor, this cute boy, very thoroughly shred enemies, deftly wielding two swords, and also sends them on a long flight in Achilles’ favourite way. True, Castor does not need a shield for this purpose.

In the Learned to Play, you will be introduced to the basics of the civilization of the Atlanteans in the form of a traditional video, voiced by Queen Amanra. However, to be honest, this will not help you much – most of the tricks and important things in the video are silent. The tutorial has not undergone any changes, and in your case, it is completely useless.

Some advantages of Atlanta receive from the supreme patron god (about this – just below), so they can not be considered features of this civilization.

But, regardless of God and the level of development, the Atlanteans can build as many Town Center as they wish, so long as free settlements are available, and thus more quickly generate the favour of the gods. In addition, the unique gift of God (top panel) can be used several times. If this, of course, is not the Gate of Tartarus or a universal explosion or some other attack :).

As we remember, the Egyptians and Greeks improved the resource extraction system in special buildings, and the Scandinavians in bovine teams, which the inhabitants lead, and thus are not tied to buildings. Atlanta borrowed both methods at once, taking all the best. Every worker got a donkey, so he doesn’t need to go back to the city.

But at the same time, the Atlantes are building Economic Guide – a structure in which all the improvements are made (nothing new compared to the main game).

The remaining structures are similar to the three main races.

Military units also do not stand out for anything extraordinary, except for infantrymen fighting with two swords at the same time (the Avenger, a mythological creature of Egyptian civilization, is a counterpart in the game), a strange spear-shooting cart, which a rather massive man quite briskly (useless to horror — only against infantry), as well as siege weapons of destructive power with the lyrical name Fire Siphon. It is very similar to the Cog and Shpuntik vacuum cleaner, however, it is excellent for taking a few shots (shots, more precisely) to sweep away the Fortress.

At the same time, each unit in human form can be transformed for a fee into a Hero, even workers. They can receive regeneration from one of the gods, but they get the familiar glow with the new title absolutely free :). In this status, any of them are able to pick up relics and transfer them to the temple, which is very convenient, since it is possible not to distract the soldiers from their direct duties by entrusting such work to the peasants or oracles.

In general, workers are very valuable units: they are expensive and slow in “manufacturing”, so take care of them like the apple of your eye :). I must say that the buildings are quite expensive when compared with the same Greeks. The outrageous difference is especially noticeable when comparing the cost of houses.

The functions of a scout for the Atlantes are performed by the Oracle. Armed with a staff with a flashing knob, it illuminates the area in a radius, the value of which depends on the status of the Oracle itself and the upgrades made. Heroic Oracle acquires the slightest ability to attack.

Regardless of the supreme god and subsequent levels, only Atlantes, after completing all the upgrades, can be awarded (for only 800 units of food, 800 units of wood, 800 units of gold and 50 units of divine favour – without discounts and with all taxes :)) Secret Titans. In fact, it’s just a hole in the ground that the Titan of medium size and life force comes to the surface to defeat all your enemies. Such entertainment is available in free maps; there is no Secret of the Titans campaign.

The released Titan cannot pass through the Sky Passage (a teleport granted to the Atlantes by Uranus), go inside the transport vessel, and also cannot fly or swim. So, digging a hole in the bowels of the earth on its territory is a matter how long, so useless.

As in the main game, you can create separate units. To do this, select a group of units, and then click on the tab in the upper left corner. Thus, you can jump from team to team and more thoroughly manage the attack, regrouping or tactical retreat.

New gods

Rather, the “old” gods :). Understanding the relationship between the Titans (as well as who can be considered a Titan) is very difficult, but I will try. This time I will not list such particulars as to the value of mythical creatures or divine gifts, but simply share my impressions.

Mother Earth, ancestor of the Titans and the Olympic gods. She came out of Chaos and gave birth to Uranus, whom she later married. Under the authority of Gaia, nature revives around buildings, the sun begins to shine brighter, and life gets better :).

Patronizes the economy and the units related to it (residents). Reusable miracle – Gay Forest. Each tree carries 200 units of wood against 150 from ordinary wood.

Son and husband Gays, father Krona, grandfather of Zeus. He personifies the sky in opposition to the Hey-earth.

It grants the Atlanteans a reusable miracle — a shock wave that knocks down opponents within a radius of their action from their feet and for a few seconds takes them out of alert. Uranus also presents a gift to the Atlantic – the Heavenly Passage, which allows you to go from point to point on the map using this structure.

He is Kronos, he is Chronos. It personifies the inexorable course of time and is also the god of agriculture. The murderer of his father, Uranus, the husband of his own sister, Rei. Provides you with a reusable miracle – the destruction, dismantling of enemy buildings. True, all building materials spent on the construction of the building are returned to the owner’s bins, so the miracle is very dubious :). Focus (another feature of civilization under the leadership of Crohn) helps increase the visibility and speed of movement of the Oracle, and Time Shift allows you to move your building from one place to another for a fee. You can transfer only one building at a time.

Perhaps the most good-natured and peaceful of all the older Titans. During Titanomachia he sided with his nephew Zeus. From the very name, it is clear that the Ocean is the god of waters. Father Oceanid.

Under his command are the Servant (servant) – a non-attacking sea creature that heals ships and Caladria – a non-attacking lady with wings, able to heal both people and ships.

Of your units, the Ocean helps, for example, Murmillo – infantrymen, giving them increased attack.

As a divine miracle, the Ocean supplies you with a carnivorous plant that absorbs enemy units with a big appetite. Reusable, which gives you the opportunity to plant a hedge between you and your neighbours :).

Titanide (daughter of Titans), mother of Apollo and Artemis, aunt Hecate. Grants Atlanta spider laying – a reusable miracle, effective only against residents, for any warrior can easily do away with spider eggs in two accounts. The mythical creature Summer is called Automaton – an iron man (an iron bucket with nuts, not otherwise, in an improved version, it has the ability to repair its own kind, restoring health. Great for fighting buildings.

The rebellious foresight god, who bestowed fire on people, stole it from Hephaestus and brought punishment for his deed. Uncle Zeus. During Titanomachia he sided with the Olympians and told his nephew how to deal with relatives. The patron of people – created the first man.

However, under his auspices, human beings acquire nothing — all his improvements are directed solely at his own mythical creatures — the “Prometheans” —clay warriors, disintegrating in two and continuing to fight in such a tiny state. A miracle from Prometheus – Courage (one unit becomes a hero) – reusable.

New mythical creatures

To my regret, I can see that the mythical creatures of the Atlanteans do not differ in strength. None of the creatures has a 50 attack power, like Colossus. At the same time, their defence is rather weak. So boldly declare that in this case we are confronted with the fact that the mythical creatures are completely useless – they are too expensive, they train slowly, and only occupy extra people.

Even the Stymphalian bird does not bring joy – it has so weak protection that five hero archers are able to destroy it earlier than it does them. Therefore, try to rely on your human warriors – much more from them.

New impressions

Having passed AoM: the Titans already ten times, and four more times – the main game, I can say with confidence: a dozen missions breathe in unison with AoM, without getting out of the general rut, and are also worthy of the film. And what a chic end – the song is just …

And therefore I demand the continuation of the banquet because only 12 missions are a mockery of the unstable player psyche. And return, finally, Arcantosa!

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