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Puzzles, puzzles and more hidden object games free, Google Play is full of games like these. However, today you can enjoy 5 of the best, with millions of downloads, good reputation and addictive gameplay mechanisms for everyone. Do you want to think hard and have fun at the same time? Then don’t miss out!

Any of these titles are available to the general public. Therefore, they can be played by anyone. Are you ready to try them out? Then let’s get started!

The top game has no less than 20,000 high-definition puzzles. With a total of 5 difficulty levels, the game gives you the chance to start as a beginner and progress as you progress.

Among the puzzles available are landscapes, animals, paintings, collections and other portraits. By creating your account you can save the results and even share them to show that you are the best in this free game for Android.

Roll the Ball: slide puzzle

The second title on the list has over 100 million downloads thanks to its rather addictive gameplay mechanism. In particular, we have to slide over the blocks to create a route where the ball can be lowered without any bottlenecks. Each level will increase the difficulty, so you’ll have to think about what the solution to the problem is. Like the previous one, you can download it for free.

Monument Valley

Acclaimed in Google Play as one of the best puzzle games in the payments section. With a score of 4.8 out of 5, this game places us in a world of impossible architectures where we will have to guide a princess through all kinds of structures while outwitting the crow men. The graphics, sounds and quality levels make it an excellent buy. Monument Valley is available for 4.03 dollars, about 3.30 euros.


Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular games because of its simplicity and how complicated it was on the different consoles. Now available in Android and developed by the gentlemen of Electronics Arts, in Tetris we will have to slide on the pieces that go down to be able to order them as far as we can. This alternative at zero cost also brings other game modes that you should not miss.


And we finished the top 5 with a game that brings together the best puzzle deliveries: Tangram, Pipes, Blocks, Dots, Lasors, Shikaku, Unroll and more. If the previous games haven’t sparked your interest, you can try out all the free options Puzzlerama has to offer.

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