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4×4 Evolution from the well done of Terminal Reality came out in 2000, and a year later the second part appeared. On closer examination, the 4×4 Evolution 2 is – pun intended – the evolution of the ideas of the first part. Does it make her unworthy? Not at all, quite the contrary.

As before, the game is an off-road racing race that balances on the verge of a simulator and an arcade game. All set relying on a solid product on the spot: dozens of tracks, dozens of cars, dozens of spare parts and dozens of hours that 4×4 Evolution 2 can carry. Everything that was in the first part remained in the second, but this very thing became substantially more, both in the managerial component (choice and purchase of cars, components, participation in championships) and directly on the track. Here we are waiting for a modified graphics engine, a modified physical model (still remaining in a certain degree arcade – no damage model appeared), as well as an increased number of various interactive objects on the map: barrels, stones, construction and agricultural equipment, trains and even aircraft. All this not only acts as decor but can also have an impact on the race itself: meeting in the air after a jump from a springboard with a motor plane (or even a military F-117!) Can literally turn the alignment of forces on the track. And such surprises in4×4 Evolution 2 is enough that carries a lot of fun.

As before, it is necessary to drive along with control points, and not necessarily along a given track. Nothing prevents you, having studied the route in a special mode, actively jump over uneven terrain and use cuts – all in order to be the first to arrive. Well, or at least not the last, because the game did not become easier, but the artificial intelligence of opponents got a little wiser.

In addition to single races, time races and careers, multiplayer modem or local network is also available. Regarding the previous part of the career, an additional mode appeared – “Missions”. Here, the player’s opponent is time, and the ally is special means that should help overcome difficult areas of the terrain and find something hidden, lost or supposed, whether it is an object or place. Each mission has its own mini-plot.
Yes, as a sequel to the 4×4 Evolution 2Maybe it turned out to be not exemplary because if you count the changes and innovations on your fingers, it turns out not so much. But this can happen only if you have a desire to engage in such dubious calculations. It is unlikely that the game will give you the opportunity to be distracted by such trifles.

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