Sacred (Prince of Darkness)

About ten years ago with a light feed Blizzard saw the light of the game Diablo. Read more at Without further ado, Diablo was ranked RPG, although in fact the appearance of this game marked the opening of a new subgenre – action / RPG: the complex role system of the hero in the colorful isometric packaging replaced the complex system of characteristics and skills of the hero. recipe hack’n’slash.Despite the simplicity (and perhaps because of it), Diablo quickly became the darling of the players, and his sequel, Diablo 2, is played with pleasure to this day. What is interesting, many have tried to repeat the success of Diablo, but so far no one has succeeded. I think the reason is that during cloning, each developer tried to dilute the unicellular Diablo recipe with his “ingenious” innovations, while all that needed to be done, – simply copy the creation of Blizzard, spitting on innovations and experiments. It seems that this simple truth has finally reached the understanding of the followers.Another clone, which is about to appear on the shelves, it is quite possible it would be called Diablo 3, if it were not for one problem: the game is being developed not by Blizzard, but by the German office of Ascaron, and is called the Sacred project.